Historical Fiction & Fantasy

  • Have you written a novel, short story, or novella set in another time or world?

  • Does it need a polishing proofread, or a deeper developmental edit?

  • Do you want help immersing your reader in a strange magical land, or in a time before indoor plumbing?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're in the right place!

I specialize in adult and YA historical fiction (especially pre-1900, but I'm flexible), and have ten years of experience as a historian and researcher, a critique partner and beta reader, and a writer. I have a PhD and Masters in early modern art history, and have published three academic articles, so I know my way around an archive. I can find the essence of the time period you're trying to capture, and help you bring it out in sensory and linguistic details.

I'm also an avid fan of fantasy of all kinds, but especially adult and YA historical fantasy, and anything speculative or spooky. I grew up on Lord of the Rings, Disney, wizards, Edgar Allen Poe, and Dungeons & Dragons, and read widely across fantasy published today, so I can offer a keen eye attuned to the supernatural when approaching your work.

I am open to contemporary novels as well, but especially those with a dark academia vibe. From ivy-covered walls, to secrets whispered in the library, to fierce academic competition, I'm very drawn to this setting and can help provide accuracy regarding humanities subjects.


  • Query critique = £10.00

    • No more than one page, 12 pt font

    • Two passes

  • Synopsis critique = £15.00

    • No more than two pages, SINGLE spaced, 12 pt font

    • Two passes

  • First chapter OR first ten pages of your manuscript = £25.00

    • Double spaced, 12 pt font

    • One pass

    • Send either the first ten pages, OR your first chapter. If your first chapter is longer than ten pages, send the first ten pages

  • Submission Package (Query, Synopsis, and first chapter OR first ten pages) = £45.00

    • 12 pt font, single spaced synopsis, double spaced manuscript pages

    • One pass

  • Proofreading = £0.010 per word

    • Involves a thorough edit highlighting any typos and/or errors in grammar, punctuation, or formatting. Meant for later drafts when you're feeling ready to submit!

    • Double spaced, 12 pt font

    • One pass

  • Developmental Edit = £0.015 per word

    • A more comprehensive revision including a proofread as above, but also delving into any issues with your plot, characterisation, historical accuracy, fantasy world-building, pacing, and tone. Meant for earlier drafts when you feel you need a second opinion!

    • Double spaced, 12 pt font

    • One pass

  • Reread = £0.005 per word

    • If I've already done a proofread or developmental edit of your work, and you'd like me to reread it, I'll go through and comment on any issues as and when I see them, and provide an edit letter of any suggestions. ​

T's & C's

  • All edits begin after agreed contract is signed, and a 20% down payment is made via PayPal. When I have completed the agreed edits, I will notify you, at which time the remaining amount will be due via PayPal. Upon receiving payment I will send you your completed edits. Invoices can also be provided. (The down payment is not necessary for queries and synopses.)

  • My working hours are 9:30 am to 6:00 pm GMT-London, Monday to Friday. Emails will be responded to within a week, but my usual response time is 48 hours. My availability will vary depending on how many clients have already booked, but I will keep you updated as often as I can.

  • I work in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word, using comments and tracked changes, and will provide an edit letter via email with overarching notes and suggestions.

  • If you have specific questions on my rates, or want to arrange a special package for your work, let me know! (I know times are tough right now, so we can also work out a special payment plan.)

  • If you wrote or revised your project as part of NaNoWriMo, you can receive a 15% discount! Just tell me about your novel or send me a link to your page on NaNoWriMo.org.


Use the contact form to tell me about your project and your vision/publication plan for it, and we'll see if we're a good fit. If we are, and you're booking a proofread or developmental edit, I'll ask for the first 3 pages of your manuscript to do a sample edit for you. If you're happy, then I'll draw up a contract and timeline, and we'll get started!


"Meredith is incredibly supportive and thorough in her edits, which helped to whip my novel into better shape than before. She offers candid feedback, is always earnest in her efforts to make the final product as close to perfection as possible, and often suggests insightful ways to dig deeper into the story and characters. I would definitely trust her with my work!" —Joyce Chua, author of LAMBS FOR DINNER

"Meredith is a fantastic editor. Not only is she prompt and professional, but she is honest about what you need to do to fix your manuscript, but in a way that makes you feel supported, heard and empowered to tackle the next draft of your manuscript. I highly recommend Meredith's sharp eye and supportive cheerleading." —Nicole Evans, fantasy and scifi writer and freelance editor

"Meredith has a keen eye for character and structure, and always has insightful suggestions. Best of all, she never forgets to highlight what you're doing right, blending critique with support in the most effective package possible." —Carrie Callaghan, author of A LIGHT OF HER OWN, and SALT THE SNOW

"Meredith critiqued my historical fiction novel. Her feedback is swift and comprehensive, demonstrating a great feel for flow and plot development and an excellent eye for historical detail. I'd definitely recommend her!" —Allison Thurman, historical fiction writer and fencer